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Свобода лучше несвободы наличием свободы, чтоб вы знали

Диво дивное, прелесть несказанная : книга о цензуре в университетах Великобритании и других англоязычных странах была запрещена цензурой. Ибо нефиг писать о том, чего не может быть в демократическом обществе
Основания: "Вы понимаете, что за вашу книгу на нас все меньшинства в суд подадут?"..

My Book Defending Free Speech Has Been Pulled

In Defense of Free Speech: The University as Censor
Author James R. Flynn, University of Otago, New Zealand

Synopsis: The good university is one that teaches students the intellectual skills they need to be intelligently critical—of their own beliefs and of the narratives presented by politicians and the media. Freedom to debate is essential to the development of critical thought, but on university campuses today free speech is restricted for fear of causing offence. In Defense of Free Speech surveys the underlying factors that circumscribe the ideas tolerated in our institutions of learning. James Flynn critically examines the way universities censor their teaching, how student activism tends to censor the opposing side and how academics censor themselves, and suggests that few, if any, universities can truly be seen as ‘good.’ In an age marred by fake news and social and political polarization, In Defense of Free Speech makes an impassioned argument for a return to critical thought.
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